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Chelsea FC forums

Chelsea is among the more famous English clubs, having a steady achievement and major trophies in their collection. In addition, they have a large supporter base all over the world, with the official website containing the countries with the largest number of supporters. Most supporters come from European, South American and African nations.

In spite of this, the club does not have an official forum where fans can interact with each other and discuss the happenings in the club. Instead, there are several forums relating to the individual regions or countries where the fans come from, and this article will highlight the forums in question.


The Shed End

Among the forums, Theshedend is the best place to find tickets for the individual games, as well as memorabilia and travel news. Many fans of the club know this forum and it consistently ranks highly in searches on Google. The forum has a total of 13,718 members and 27,083 total topics. This makes it one of the major sites on Chelsea news and membership.

The site contains information on ‘how to’ guides as well as major club announcements, and it has a page where newer fans can communicate and integrate themselves on the platform itself.

In addition, there are discussions on club games, how the club is faring in the different leagues it is participating in, and new transfer and club rumours as media publications issue them. It is a source of news on the club for many fans, especially for those that do not reside in England or surrounding countries.

Interestingly, the site has a page for the vintage years of the club (from 1905 to 2000), and serves as a source of memories for the fans, while educating newer fans on the history of the club, the players that left a lasting legacy, as well as other interesting historical tidbits.

The forum does not centre on Chelsea football alone – there are also discussions on other teams’ styles of play, international football, and non-football discussions such as films, gaming, music, internet, and computing.

As with all football club sites, the forum contains information on upcoming games. This includes the Chelsea Ladies’ team, as well as U18 fixtures.


Talk Chelsea forum

Another major site for gaining news on the club developments, the club staff join in regularly to inform fans of any changes in the forum, as well as collecting their views on issues affecting the fans.

New fans can introduce themselves on the forum, as well as regular interactions with other members and moderators.

As for the Chelsea football analysis, there are discussion threads regarding player analysis, using articles from trusted media publications. This also includes issues from off-the-field scenarios, and tactical studies on each game. The Match discussion happens on every game that the club is set to participate in, whoever the opponent is. It also gives a chance to discuss game results. The best thing is that it is not limited to the Premier League; it also gives a chance to discuss on other competitions such as the Champions League and FA Cups.

This forum also discusses the current squad, in addition to transfer news and possible transfer analysis. In addition, the forum also contains a thread for memorabilia, anything before Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2000.

Members can post multimedia graphics that relate to the club in a separate thread, and download match schedules for the whole season.

Similar to other Chelsea forums, there is a thread for general chats and football banter, mostly regarding films, music and TV, gaming and other sport forums. The site has a thread on the World Cup for 2018, where members can discuss the fixtures, teams, players and all else that relates to the competition.

The forum has a membership if 15,769 fans, and 22,572 topics. It also indicates the newest member on the site, and encourages newer fans to interact with older members.

chelsea fc forum

photo credit: The_Old_Grey_Wolf Thibaut CORTOIS – 2014-15 – FBC via photopin (license) forum

This is among newer fan forums of the club compared to others, having been in existence since 2000. It works in a similar manner to other Chelsea fan forums, but there are no moderators in many of the discussions.

The major discussion thread relates to news about the club, including transfers, fan chants and football related websites. It also helps fans keep track of any injured players, players that are on loan, and discussions on other football clubs.

There is a specific discussion thread on the forum called the ‘Club shed’, and the forum moderators do not allow ticketing discussions on it. All discussions on the thread relate to the Atmosphere and Shed initiatives.

For newer members, there is a Support Q&A for any questions relating to the forum and interactions with other fans, and there is a thread for introductions (there is no moderation of this thread).

There is a sub-forum on the site, the ‘Non-intelligent forum’, which has threads on:

  • General discussions on football, all football competitions in the world such as the European cups and other English Leagues.
  • General sporting events, non-football related. These include boxing, NBA, baseball, American football, golf, the Olympics, F1, and any other sport you can think of.
  • Off-topic discussions. This includes anything not related to sports, but there are no religious or political discussions allowed.
  • Competitions – includes topics such as dream teams, forecasting and predicting results, poker and online gaming.

All these topics under this forum are non-moderated, so there are chances of plenty of online wars at certain points. (Chelsea FC forum)

While not having the same level of organization as the other forums on this list, it is still a worthwhile place to share the passion of the club with other fans.

It has a post discussion on official matches for the main squad, all transfer news that involves the squad, as well as all discussions and analysis on major competitions such as the Champions League and European Cup matches.



While there are various Chelsea FC forums, many fans of the club gravitate towards several of them, and the most popular ones include The Shed End, Talk Chelsea and for Chelsea news and opinions. All these serve as links between the club and the fans; particularly those that live in countries outside the UK, and helps them keep track of what is happening at the club.

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